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Choose a security or insect screen solution right for your door

Xcluder Doors

Known for its superb anti-corrosive properties and made from marine grade steel mesh, our Xcluder doors are the newest addition to our product range.

Security Doors

Protect your assets and keep bugs out with our range of security doors. Customise and make it yours with a variety of personalisation options.

Insect/Fly Screens

Keep the breeze in and bugs out with our range of insect screen doors. Choose the mesh type perfect for your application and needs.

Xcluder is the newest product on our shelves and is proving a big hit. The Xcluder is made from high tensile 316 marine grade stainless steel mesh giving exceptional security and superb corrosion resistance against our harsh climate and sea air.

The Xcluder product gives the reliability of strength and durability without compromising the appearance of your home, and with minimal interference to your view. Enjoy the fresh breeze with added security and a clean, modern security door for your property.

Special Features:

  • Elegant
  • Modern
  • Strong and Durable
  • Unobstructed views
  • Allows airflow and peace of mind
  • Colour matched to your existing joinery
  • Keeps bugs out
  • Pet resistant
  • Can be fitted with a 3-point locking system
  • Able to be retrofitted to existing security doors & windows
  • Locally manufactured
  • Can be used in all applications such as windows, hinged & sliding, french, stacker door systems etc

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Our security doors are custom made of high quality security grilles and aluminium extrusions and products. Each door also includes insect mesh which doubles as an insect screen. Security doors are great to keep out unwanted guests such as intruders and annoying insects, while still being able to enjoy a fresh breeze.

Security doors are a cost effective way to protect your assets giving you piece of mind when you open the door, while you are away enjoying a holiday or just at work. Security doors can be hinged or sliding either into timber or aluminium joinery. All diamond security doors are fitted with a D plate to prevent keys, jewelry and other sharp items from snagging on and damaging the mesh near the door handle, and to protect unwanted access and mesh damage from intruders.

Each door is powder coated to match your existing joinery colour. Some doors may require a standout frame to get the security door out past the door handle on your main door.

Choice of mesh:

  • Standard fibreglass mesh
  • Paw proof mesh if you have household pets
  • Midge mesh: Keep the smallest of pests out with our ultra fine mesh!
  • Lookout one-way mesh, so you can look out but visitors cannot see in

Strength of Manufacture:

  • All security doors are manufactured with three hinges to secure the door to the door frame, the grille is riveted every 300mm into the door frame, and double rivets into each side of the corner stake for extra strength.
  • Each door is also fitted with a D Plate to protect mesh around the handle and reduces tampering of the lock from the outside.
    There is also the choice of having a triple locking system added to your security door for an extra cost.
  • Cat/dogs doors can be fitted to security doors for your pets convenience.

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Keep the unwanted flying pests out with an insect screen door. Doors can be fitted hinged, sliding over ranch sliders or french style doors. Choose the right mesh for the job with these options:

  • Standard fibreglass insect mesh
  • Paw proof mesh if you have household pets
  • Midge mesh: Keep the smallest of pests out with our ultra fine mesh!
  • Lookout one way mesh: You can see out, but visitors can't see in!

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